21 Jun.

What Are Your Alternatives to Contacting HubSpot Support?

You’ve got a problem. You’re in HubSpot and trying to save something you’ve just finished, but every time you save it, you get an error message.  

So what do you do? You could contact HubSpot Support. However, this isn’t an application error, but an error being caused because you’re doing something incorrectly.

Here are six ways you could solve your problem:

1. Search the Knowledge Base

HubSpot have a fantastic knowledge base that runs off their own Knowledge Base product. This allows you to search through thousands of articles on a variety of topics and find great content that will take you through the steps to follow for success.

2. Post your question/issue on the Community Forums

There is a very active community that constantly answer all questions posted relating to the Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub, including a Design section for developers and an ideas forum. Post your issue on the forum and wait for someone to respond with advice on how to solve it.

3. Find a course in the HubSpot Academy

Head over to the HubSpot Academy, it is completely free and the quality of the training is amazing. There are full courses with test questions and certifications, and then there are more informal lessons on a variety of different topics. So take some time out, improve your skills, and solve your problem at the same time.

4. Look for an agency that can help you out using the Agency Directory

Use the filters in the HubSpot Agency Directory to find an agency near to you with the experience to help you out. You can even contact several agencies and interview them to find an agency that aligns to your values and brand culture.

5. Search for a freelancer

There are several freelancer platforms you can post on such as UpWork, in order to find a freelancer that may be able to solve your issue. Once you’ve posted your ad, you can interview each freelancer that responds to find one that you want to work with.

6. Post your support request onto On The Bench

The last option –– which we highly recommend –– is to post your support request onto onthebench.io where we have mostly HubSpot Academy certified agencies with additional capacity (as well as freelancers) and experience waiting to respond to your request. Set up a screenshare and solve your challenge quickly and efficiently.

Author: Daryn Smith

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