Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about On The Bench.

For Customers

If you’re browsing our website or platform, you can choose from a list of criteria such as location, language, skills/expertise, gig type or HubSpot tool to refine your search for the perfect match. Soon, you’ll be able to find contextual game plans using our Chrome Extension (Keep an eye out for this announcement!)

Vetting starts when a Bencher registers and submits their game plan for review. You’re also able to vet the Bencher by reviewing their profile and ratings. Should you be interested, you can communicate with them via our chat feature or offline before you commit.

While we show you a game plan’s estimated pricing, we encourage transaction between you and the Bencher to define the final price.

For now, you can pay directly through the platform, we’ll hold the funds on your behalf and only until the job is completed and you’re happy will it be released to the Bencher. Coming soon,  you and the Bencher can transact outside of On The Bench.

You can view their certificates relating to the expertise you need. Plus, you can check their ratings.

For Benchers

We’re about to launch a subscription model for loading game plans. But for now, you can create yours without payment. In future, a small subscription fee will be required as we’ll advertise your game plan on your behalf.

For now, as soon as a job is completed, it is moved over to your wallet as an uncleared job. 3 days later, you can withdraw that money from wallet this is just in case your customer disputes the work you have done and to protect everyone against fraud. Coming soon, you can set the estimated price for your game plans and if you’re notified to bid on a custom gig, you have the option to transact through On The Bench or outside of the platform.

You can only withdraw money from your wallet once your balance is over $100.

You can pause your game plan, and you always have the option to accept or decline it.