Frequently Asked Questions

Become a bencher

What if I only need help with something small?

That’s fine. There’s no job too small for our community service providers. And our jobs range from 5-minute jobs to 20-hour jobs. It’s all scalable – You need less done, you pay less.

FAQs For Customers

That’s fine. There’s no job too small for our community service providers. And our jobs range from 15-minute jobs to 20-hour jobs. It’s all scalable – You need less done, you pay less.

  1. Create an account
  2. Load your credit card details
  3. Select a MarTech platform
  4. Describe what you need
  5. What type of Bencher skills you need – for example: “Developer”
  6. Wait 2 minutes while we find Benchers available now
  7. Select the Bencher you want to use
  8. Connect with them instantly and give them a more detailed verbal or written brief
  9. Let the Bencher do the task
  10. When work is job, rate them. Did they do a good job?

Rate the Bencher badly and our algorithm will match them to less tasks in the future, and other customers will also see their bad rating – making it unlikely they’ll get hired again. This is the beauty of a self-regulated platform.

When bidding for a task, a Bencher gives an estimate of how long it will take. If they got it wrong, they can make a time change request which will change the amount you’re charged.

You have the option to accept or decline this.

If you decline it, they may give you a bad rating which will decrease the likelihood other Benchers will want to work with you.

If they pulled the wool over your eyes, and got you to accept them with a shorter time but are now being unreasonable, you can do the same to them – rate them badly and others won’t use them.

Sometimes, you may just book 15 minutes to speak to an Bencher for advice – a time change request can also be used when you want that same Bencher to implement the solution for you. Just ask them to update the support ticket to the new agreed time, and then accept the time change request – your credit card will be charged with the new amount.


If there isn’t a Bencher within 2 minutes to help you, we’ll keep looking and notify you via email when we find one. If after 48 hours we still can’t find someone, your task request will be voided and you’ll need to post again.

Any type of work relating to the particular marketing platform you’re working with, for example:

HubSpot: get workflows set up, landing pages designed and developed, domains set up, content written, insights from analytics and personas created – the list is endless!

DataBox: get dashboards set up, get insights from your dashboards

SeventhSense: get emails written, get marketing automation strategized, and get lead nurturing setup

You can view their certificates relating to the expertise you need. Plus, you can check their ratings.

As a customer, you’re charged the amount you see when selecting a Bencher.

FAQs For Benchers

We take a 20% fee of the total you’re paid for each task. This fee goes towards improving our offering with a better user experience for you and your clients.

Don’t stress! You’re included in results with other Benchers, and customers are encouraged to try you out.

Not quite. We keep your earnings in a wallet for 3 days so that once you’ve earned $100 or more, we release the money into your account. Ka-ching!

When you finish a task, it gets moved over to your wallet as an uncleared job. 3 days later, the cash appears in your wallet. This is just in case your customer disputes the work you have done and protects you both against fraud.

Of course. We’ll fully support your double life as a hirer and perspirer. Plus, using both services will do wonders for your workflow.