Become a Bencher

If you have expertise to offer in and around the HubSpot marketing platform as a freelancer (or a team within an agency) we’d love you to join our community.

How do I become a Bencher (give support and earn)?


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What's so great about being a Bencher?

Live the dream of earning remotely

Make money from the comfort of your home office, hammock or bathtub. Okay, not your bathtub.

We’re flexible

Since requests are posted in real-time from time zones across the world, you can accept and start a task any time of the day – or night, if you’re a night owl.

Earn what you’re worth

Our customers pay in line with industry standards. So depending on your level of skill and experience, you have the chance to make some sweet cash to pad your wallet.

Do what you must

Take on as many or as few requests as you want. We hook you up by connecting you to people that need help and support

We can bolster your bottom line

When you don’t have enough work, you can get your employees onto the bench and they can tackle clients’ requests in real time. By doing this you make income and keep them stimulated. And if you suddenly get work for the employee, they can just log off the marketplace.

You know who you’re dealing with

Our rating system means you’ll know beforehand what the customer is like to work with, and can avoid working with difficult clients

If you’ve got it, you can flaunt it

We give you the chance to show your quality, since you get rated by the customer for each task. You’ll stand out from the crowd by providing awesome service, which means you’ll get more work.

The benefits go both ways

You do what you’re good at and we do what we’re good at. We’ll help you grow your business and find you new work while you focus on executing quality work. 

Guaranteed payment

The client is charged before the work is started and we pay you once you’re done.