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How it works
Create your profile
Before creating your own set of bundles, you’ll need to set up your profile, including a brief description of yourself. We’ll then review your profile and determine whether you have the right skills and experience to join our group of expert service providers.
Build service bundles
With an approved profile, it’s time to craft service bundles and explain exactly what you’re offering. Describe how you’ll deliver the service, as well as all timeframes and costs involved. Don’t forget to include your motivation as to why your bundle should be chosen over others. Be creative with your motivation — this is what sets you apart from the rest!
Engage with sales qualified leads
Your service bundles can be found by customers via the On The Bench platform, our website, our Chrome extension, and other marketing promotions. Once a customer makes an inquiry about your service bundles, let the natural sales process unfold — just make sure to align on project specifics before committing to the job.
Get Paid!
Once the customer accepts your service bundle and chooses to start the job, they will be charged upfront. This means you’re guaranteed to get paid at each milestone — as long as you deliver and the customer is happy with your work.
Why use on the bench?
High quality lead generation
You know that you need to find new business, but what if you don’t have the time or skill to do this consistently and effectively? The answer is simple: leave lead gen to us so you can spend more time delivering your best work.
Focus on your strengths
You’re crafting your own service bundles, so the ball’s in your court! If the bundles focus on what you are good at — and are at your price point — you’ll have better leads. This means you can attract the work you want and play to your strengths.
Get rated and build credibility
After every completed project milestone, you'll be rated by the customer. If you deliver exceptional work, you'll reap the benefits and attract even more leads going forward.
Guaranteed payment
When you’re On The Bench, you don’t have to worry about chasing payments or wondering if a new customer will pay. Customers are charged upfront and we’ll hold their payment on your behalf. When you deliver and the customer is happy, you’ll get paid at the end of each milestone.
Thousands of smiles
This was an ideal client. Requirements were clear, feedback during our call was positive and constructive, and the team were supportive.
It was great working with Jay, he was very friendly and set clear requirements. I really enjoyed re-designing the blog!
Alena and Becky were awesome to work with! Their communication was great and they provided great direction.
Meet the team
Graeme Wilson
A renowned business mind with a strong commercial background and the ability to multitask between several ventures at once, Graeme is able to find the market match for any product and sell it effectively.
Daryn Smith
A serial entrepreneur with several successful businesses under his belt and a background in programming, marketing, and technology, Daryn is a computer scientist-turned-marketing scientist.
Rowan Reid
Rowan comes from a background in web development, programming and technology. His strengths lie in scaling and dealing with data to create new and improved programmes and algorithms.
Divan Egers
Systems Architect
Divan has a background as a developer trained in applied mathematics. He has put his skills towards reverse-engineering and troubleshooting to develop data-driven business processes that work.
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