28 Jun.

8 Support Tickets HubSpot Customers Are Solving Using The Gig Economy

As we head into the Northern Hemisphere holiday season, are you short staffed? Need to get stuff out before you go on vacation? Not sure where to turn? We may have the answer.

Here are 8 of the support tickets that brands using HubSpot have logged over the past few weeks through On The Bench — all of which have been resolved by HubSpot agencies who are embracing the gig economy.

1. Set up the Reporting Add-On

Once the HubSpot Reporting Add On is set up, it can be a source of useful insights that drive your business. But it’s not easy to set up, especially if you want custom reports, or if you’re running an Enterprise portal with information from several sources you want segmented.

2. Edit a web page template

This customer was using a HubSpot webpage template but wanted to create a new page with a few changes to the layout. While the changes they wanted were small, they still needed the help and expertise of a developer.

3. A complete HubSpot migration

There are many reasons a brand may want to merge or migrate their HubSpot portal. Sometimes it’s because of a merger or acquisition,  or just a change in brand architecture or the maturing of a new business unit.

Migrating one portal to another is a lot of work, and requires someone with a multifaceted set of skills and plenty of HubSpot experience.

The expert first migrated and merged contacts, lists, landing page templates, and email templates, before moving on to the landing pages and emails that will be used in the workflows.

4. Write an eBook with some great references

It takes more than a copywriter to write a good inbound ebook — they really need to understand the inbound and content marketing fundamentals. The ideal copywriters for Hubspot customers will have inbound and content marketing certifications from the HubSpot Academy. They should also be able to do deep research into many topics, and ultimately produce an engaging piece of content that moves the buyer from one stage of their journey to the next. That’s exactly what this customer found when she posted a support ticket through the On The Bench platform, asking to find a copywriter who could write an informative and engaging eBook.

5. Fix an email newsletter in a particular email client

Poor formatting makes emails less readable, so it’s worth taking the time to make sure that the email you want to send out is going to look great in every email client your customers use. This customer found one version of Outlook that was bombing out and was able to get a developer to make a quick fix to improve the layout.

6. Fix blog posts imported from WordPress

If you’ve made the good decision to move your blog from WordPress to HubSpot, there is a useful tool that imports your WordPress blog posts into the HubSpot blogging tool. However, there are often import errors that result in bad formatting of blog posts.

And since blogging is often a long-term strategy that drives organic traffic for years, you don’t want potential customers to discover a poor quality piece of content. Our customer had this formatting challenges, and used a HubSpot Certified Designer to work their way through all the blog posts that had been imported and fix the inconsistencies.

7. SalesForce integration

There are many customers who use SalesForce Sales Cloud as their CRM and HubSpot Marketing Hub (and Service Hub) for their marketing and service. There is a great integration between SalesForce and HubSpot which is pretty user-friendly. That being said, if you don’t know how to do the integration, you could do a lot of damage to your data. It also requires some reading up before you can even attempt it. This customer didn’t have the time to do the reading, so he asked for support using On The Bench and found someone who had done over a dozen of these and could quickly help him.

8. Customization of an email template

There is an awesome HubSpot marketplace where you can buy email, web page, and landing page templates. But if you don’t have a design or basic development skills, you’ll need someone to make customizations for you so that it aligns closely to your brand (and doesn’t look like a template).

If you are a HubSpot certified A-player or agency who won’t be on vacation this summer — and are looking for ways to keep yourself busy — there’s always a spot for you On The Bench!

Author: Daryn Smith

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