04 Oct.

Using the gig economy when you find yourself without an agency

As an agency owner and HubSpot Partner, I’m in two minds about writing this article. But the reality is, often a brand may find themselves without an agency and need to come up with a plan to continue with their inbound marketing.

Some reasons for this include:

  1. Firing your agency because you’re no longer happy with their work or results
  2. Your agency firing you as a customer
  3. The agency going out of business
  4. Budget cuts at your company that mean you can’t afford a retainer
  5. Your HubSpot specialist has gone on vacation and you need help now

In some cases you’ll need a bit of time to find a new agency, as the process of searching, vetting, and deciding on a worthwhile agency could take weeks or even months. If you left your previous agency relationship with a bitter taste in your mouth, you might also need time for your confidence in the agency model to build up again.

No matter what your reason for flying solo, the gig economy is a temporary or permanent solution that allows you to continuing with your marketing and getting the most from the HubSpot platform. Here are some recipes that can instantly push a gig request into On The Bench and let you receive bids from a range of service providers from around the world.


Design & Development Work

  1. Design an emailer
  2. Customize a landing page template purchased in marketplace
  3. Develop a custom HubSpot module for my website or landing page
  4. Customize a HubSpot blog design


Strategy and Setup Functions

  1. Create a Conversational Bot Strategy
  2. Setup a Bot based on a supplied strategy
  3. Setup Service Hub Tickets Tool
  4. Setup Conversations Inbox
  5. Develop an inbound marketing strategy for one persona over 12 months
  6. Develop an Ads strategy for Facebook or Google AdWords


Campaign Work

  1. Design and set copy for an eBook
  2. Setup a workflow including emails with supplied copy
  3. Design 3 call to action banners
  4. Upload a blog to the blogging tool
  5. Create a landing page and thank you page from an existing template
  6. Create an email and send it out using supplied copy
  7. Setup a Google AdWords campaign
  8. Setup a Facebook Ad campaign


Analytics Work

  1. Conduct a website analysis and give us recommendations
  2. Do an analysis on a workflow and give me recommendations
  3. Review a inbound campaign and make recommendations for improving it


Content Work

  1. Edit the copy in an eBook
  2. Develop a content calendar

These are just a few of the many available recipes at On The Bench, so be sure to check the other ones out. And if you can’t find what you need, you can write and post your own custom gig!

Author: Daryn Smith

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