Get help on the bench

Get real-time support from experts in the HubSpot ecosystem.

How do I put tasks on the bench?


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Not sure which skill you need?

Select the minimum time of 15 mins for your task, and a Bencher will help you figure it out.

Just need a bit of advice and guidance?

No problem. Select the minimum time of 15 mins to get help. After that you can either increase the time requirement, or post a more specific request once you know what you need.

Can multiple people use my account?

Yep. Just create an account, and add your team. Anyone on your team can then get put a task on the bench - or get a Bencher to do a task for them. It’s easy to add your employees or team, and all tasks they get paid for go to your account wallet.

Are my banking details safe?

We don't store your personal banking details on the platform. Instead we use Stripe to process our financial transactions using trusted platforms.