Inbound Marketing Strategy Game Plans

Choose from a list of tasks/projects/products that perfectly describes what you need done. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can still help, create your own custom request.

New HubSpot User Training

Need help with onboarding a new member of your team with Hubspot? Need to orientate new management or support individuals with new responsibilities?

Deliverables: I will provide 6 hours of personalised training delivered remotely at a time that best suits you. To ensure you have a solid understanding of the Hubspot tools so you can maximise your effectiveness and business impact.

This would take us +- 2 – 4 weeks to do.


Ave Price $2,000

Marketing Process Map & Documentation

We’ll create a map for your marketing strategies and document key processes through implementation of the Hubspot Tools.

We will begin by developing Inbound strategy, including:

  • Outlining a comprehensive marketing overview of your company
  • Development of 1 Buyer Persona
  • Development of 1 Buyer’s Journey
  • Audit of your website and marketing content
  • Completion of a Marketing Process Map
  • Marketing Process Documentation & Strategy for optimizing the Hubspot tools to your business’ best advantage

It would take us +- 4 weeks to complete this job.


Ave Price $2,500

8 Point Monthly Strategy Retainer

We’ll work through our proven process to grow your small business through Inbound Marketing by providing monthly strategy and deliverables.

  • Adopt Inbound
  • Growth Flywheel
  • Map Processes
  • Process Optimization Plan
  • Share Processes
  • Deliver Growth and Freedom
  • Continuously Improve

6 Month Retainer


Ave Monthly: $1,200

Inbound Marketing Retainer

If you are looking to get started with inbound marketing, but do not have big budgets, we offer an unbeatable combination of value & expertise. We offer a full inbound marketing campaign that includes persona development, content strategy, all campaign related assets including offer, landing page, email templates, workflows, blogs, email marketing, SEO. 1 campaign per quarter – so, the first quarter starts with an awareness campaign, 2nd quarter with a campaign for the consideration stage (the first quarter’s campaign continues running in parallel) and so on.

Ideal for a businesses that have dabbled a bit with SEO in the past and have a email database that can be leveraged in the first quarter. We have run campaigns on this model and have been able to generate excellent leads and growth over 2-3 quarters.


Ave Monthly: $1,850