Marketing Hub Setup Game Plans

Choose from a list of tasks/projects/products that perfectly describes what you need done. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can still help, create your own custom request.

HubSpot Marketing Professional Setup

Portal setup of the HubSpot professional package – includes domain setup, forms, emails, lists, reporting dashboard , blog sub – domain setup, CTAs, landing page template selection social media accounts integration & other elements included in the Marketing Pro. It would take us 5 – 6 working days to complete this job.


Ave Price $450

Hubspot Portal set-up

Get up and running with Hubspot quickly so you can concentrate your efforts on growing your business. No time to complete all those set-up tasks? No problem, I’ve got your back!
I will :

  • Connect your social media accounts
  • Add users
  • Set up your target domain, subdomain & email sending domains.
  • Set the correct timezone for your portal
  • Install your tracking code
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Connect your Ads accounts
  • Upload your logo & favicon
  • Define your physical address & email type
  • Configure your blog settings
  • Assist with 1x native integrations (Salesforce, Surveymonkey, GoToWebinar etc.)
  • Import contacts
  • Replace upto 3 existing forms with Hubspot forms or pop-up’s
  • Assist with template migration process

This would take us 2 – 4 weeks to do


Ave Price $2,000

Hubspot Maintenance & Database cleansing

I’ll keep your database clean & healthy, and your portal nice & tidy. Consider this your Hubspot spring clean.
To keep your contacts database in shape, I will remove any hard bounces and inactive leads every month from your portal. So you can report on higher conversion rates. To make sure your Hubspot portal is organised. I will review your lists, delete any that are unnecessary or create new ones as requested. Creating folders to keep things organised and make it easier for you and your team to find what you need. For consistency, I will ensure that your naming conventions are always adhered to. I will check for duplicate contact properties, create property groups to keep everything neat or remove any that are being unused, adding description fields to assets where necessary.
This is a 12 month retainer.


Ave Monthly $2,300