For MarTech Providers

Using On The Bench in your platform means you can be more efficient than ever.

Why your marketing platform should use us

Work together with On The Bench

If you´re a MarTech provider, you can use us in your platform to streamline your workflow. This way your support desk can focus on technical issues like dealing with bugs, and not giving advice or helping clients set up campaigns.

We promote quality execution

We work with your existing partner network who understands your platform. It's a closed marketplace which leads to better work. And while we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we want to work together to provide real-time support for better customer satisfaction.

Benefits of working with On The Bench

Lighten the load on your support desk

Get your support desk doing things they are supposed to be doing - dealing with bugs, not giving advice or helping clients set up campaigns.

Give your clients a more well-rounded service

Give your client a way to get things done professionally within the platform.

Create a feedback loop of income for your channel

Provide a stream of income and work for your channel partners, which in turn will lead to more use and exposure for your platform.