The 30 Day Blitz: Finally! How to Get Your CRM Turbo Boosted for Sales Without Wasting More Time in Just 30 Days

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About This Gig

You know what you're supposed to do: you're smart enough to have built a business making sales and growing - you know what you SHOULD do to get your sales and marketing teams set up to sell more.

But who has the time?!

  • Your teams are overlapping on tasks and activities, confusing your customers and making it harder to sell
  • Marketing and Sales teams are doing the same things twice, over and over again....
  • You've worked your branding and messaging to death ... but still, your sales people don't seem to get how to sell your products, your value, your way... 
  • You need a Sales Playbook to make it easier to train new hires, and keep everyone on the team on track...
  • You're spending a stupid amount of time in sales meetings trawling through the CRM for leads....
  • Your sales team have an excuse for every time they don't follow up with a lead...
  • The answer, it seems, is usually just 'Get me more leads!'...but somehow you know that just ain't true - there's still a whole lot of value in your CRM that has yet to be unlocked and a whole lot of customers to call - if you could just get everyone organised!
As CEO of Mount Arbor, a Certified HubSpot Gold Solutions Partner and Europe's first Sales Hub Partner for HubSpot, we've been implementing complex CRM Implementation projects for our clients for over 3 years. Prior to founding my company, I worked with international businesses to increase sales with better messaging, digital marketing and sales enablement - including Google, IBM, Vodafone, Salesforce and several multimillion-dollar VC backed fast funded startups around the world...

"I realised I could deliver a whole lot more impact with CRM Implementation on HubSpot if I was able to guide motivated business owners through the process we've been using to build successful sales systems over the past few years. This is the result. An intensive, focused programme that calls for 'all-hands-on-deck' that gets your CRM organised and your whole team focused on sales." - Andrew McAvinchey, CEO of Mount Arbor and Creator of the 30 Day Blitz

In Just 30 Days, we will bring you and your team through the toughest CRM Implementation you've ever experienced! It'll be all hands on deck. At the end of 30 days, you will have completed a 6 step process that will remove any confusion about where you get leads, where they go next and who and when they should close. You'll have the perfect foundation for growth and time to execute on the things you've been dying to do  - branding, messaging, customer experience - all the ideas that matter. 

  • How to create the Perfect CRM Sales System without wasting time adding to a broken CRM with more integrations, workflows and useless dashboards nobody looks at any more...
  • You need more integrations to make things easier right? Wrong! 
  • 300+ steps you need to take to align your sales and marketing teams for increased sales (and we'll help you execute every single one)
  • How to eliminate the chasm between sales and marketing so you don't lose hot leads due to lack of follow up or confusion about 'who does what?'
  • Grab the bull by the horns and organise your sales system so you have the time to focus on what's important for your business: Sales, Customers and Growth!

Checklist Of Deliverables

  1. Week 1: 

    Lead Management

    Work on your sales process, lead assignment and rotation, Deal Stages and default fields in the CRM. 

    In this phase, your data has been moved over to HubSpot and now the task becomes how to set up a means by which a sales team can access that data. Key activities in this phase center around the current sales process and what should be replicated in HubSpot vs. what can be improved. At the least during this phase, an admin and/or sales manager are using the Sales Hub to ensure they understand it and are able to get the reporting they need.

  2. Week 2: 

    Sales Enablement & Automation

    Automate core rep and process tasks with Workflows. 

    In this phase, the reps are introduced to the Sales Hub, usually in through a small pilot.  A key excercise here is to understand what the average day for a sales rep looks like and to suggest improvements in efficiency based on what the HubSpot platform can do. Key sales content and collateral are also being created inside of the Sales Hub during this phase. 

  3. Week 3: 

    Sales and Marketing Alignment

    In this phase, the pilot group of reps are familiarizing themselves with the Sales Hub, and now you can turn your attention to a key moment of delight for your clients - sales and marketing alignment.

    The key activity in this phase is to bring in a sales and marketing stakeholder to understand how the marketing to sales handoff works and if there are agreed upon SLAs around number of handoffs and quality of those handoffs.

  4. Week 4: 

    Performance Measurement

    Create reports for revenue forecasting and actuals reporting.

    Create dashboards for rep productivity and performance coaching.

    In this phase, the sales cycle has likely completed at least once for the pilot group, and so early reports that reflect the entire prospect lifecycle can be generated. This is usually the a-ha moment for managers because not only is your sales process repeatable and automated, but reportable.

  5. Week 5: 

    Sales Playbook

     In this phase, your sales system has been established in HubSpot and now it's all about scaling.

    Key activities in this phase center around how new hires should be onboarded and what processes and procedures will best serve your growth as you take on more reps. 

    Your Sales Playbook will document your sales process, the actions and responsibilities expected of your sales reps the workflows and areas of specialisation that can help you scale.

  6. Week 6: 

    Bonus: Account-Based Video Selling

    As a bonus we will provide you with training, sales scripts and sequences along with a methodology that will enable your sellers with a powerful way to connect with prospects and customers that can be automated and integrated with your Sales Hub


Additional Services...
Most of these services fall outside the scope of our normal sales enablement and acceleration services because most of them are one-time projects. We work with all clients to customize their services agreement to ensure they achieve maximum results. Please inform us if you want quotes for any of the following services.

  • Marketing content – blog posts, design work, ebooks and other collateral – starts at 500-1000/month or priced per project
  • Sales Coaching and Training (for reps and managers) - Starts at €2,000/ mo.
  • Customer Case Studies - €1,000 per case study
  • Customer Referral Program Management - Starts at €1,000/ mo.
  • Customer Reference Program Management - Starts at €1,000/ mo.
  • Custom Integration Work - Starts at €200/ hour 
  • Custom Data Migration - Price varies based on needs, systems, and complexity
  • Technology Evaluation - Price varies based on needs, systems, and complexity

Information needed from you to do this job

  • HubSpot Sales Professional or Enterprise
  • You'll need to purchase Additional Software for reporting purposes. Our recommended solution is Dear Lucy Reporting Software, The onboarding for this software is included in our 30 Day Blitz package = value of 1000-3500 euro!)
  • Full Support and Participation of the Sales Management team and at the very least 2-3 pilot participants from your Sales team for the full duration of 30 working days = 6 weeks total.
  • Your hard work, energy and completion of the daily tasks we assign you
  • You would be responsible for all internal scheduling, reasonable access to key personnel, on-site administrative support, and reasonable access to past and current documentation that would aid the project. I would sign all required nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, and would provide all administrative support off-site. We agree to immediately appraise each other of any intelligence or findings that would impact the success of the project so that rapid action could be considered.


Finally! The SIMPLE 30 Day Challenge to Organise and TURBO BOOST your CRM without WASTING MORE TIME - Grab the BULL by the HORNS

Terms & Conditions


We do not assess an hourly or daily fee, as you should not have to make an investment decision each time my assistance may be needed, nor should your team have to seek permission to spend money if they need my help. This is a unique feature of our consulting practice.

The investment for this consulting project is $9840 + VAT

This investment is inclusive of all expenses. All travel, administrative, logistical, and communication expenses are included, so there is no further amount due.

Payment terms for this consulting project are:

Full payment upon acceptance of this proposal.

This project, once approved, is non-cancelable for any reason, although it may be delayed, rescheduled, and otherwise postponed without any penalty whatsoever. My work is guaranteed. In the event that you feel that I am not meeting the standards described herein or based on our mutual conversations and agreements, I will refund refund your investment. You must inform us of your request for a refund within 14 days of the date of completion of this project to avail of this offer.

Additional fees such as list brokerage services, recruitment fees, business development salary, software costs, graphic design, video production, printing, and copywriting are not included and need to be budgeted and paid for separately.


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Mount arbor Ratings And Reviews

Will Clanfield


Andrew was fantastic - helped to understand our overall (and evolving) sales process, and ways that HubSpot could fit in seamlessly. He was great!

Cara Steinmann


Andrew was fantastic. He took the time to understand our request as it related to the overall strategy of the business, and was very efficient completing the task. Would highly recommend working with him.

This Service Bundle Is For:

  • HubSpot

  • Full HubSpot Stack

  • Contacts & Companies

  • Conversations Inbox

  • Chatflows

  • Snippets

  • Planning & Strategy

  • Sales Deals & Pipelines

  • Sales Tasks

  • Sales Documents

  • Sales Meetings

  • Sales Playbooks

  • Sequences

  • Workflows

  • Integrations

  • HubSpot Setup

  • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

  • Manufacturing

  • Professional, scientific and technical activities

  • Technology

  • Utilities

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