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About This Gig

Based on the personas you are targeting, our content strategy team will develop four inbound marketing campaign themes, and also provide you with creative concepts for each one. Each campaign will include the Awareness, Consideration and Close phases.

Checklist Of Deliverables

  • A slide deck 
  • There will be 4 themes, that can be used to target the personas.
  • Each theme will have content ideas in it.
  • There will be suggestions on how to promote this theme (blogging, paid media, etc)


  • The detailed setup of each of the tactics, for example, we will not tell you what ads to place, what the copy must be and how to set them up - we consider this a tactic to be defined once the strategy is signed off.
  • A content calendar and blog titles, this we also consider a tactical deliverable.

Information needed from you to do this job

  • An overview of the brand and value proposition
  • Documented personas
  • Information on current performance and desired goals
  • The budget to produce assets and content once the strategy is signed off


We don't just follow a set methodology, we treat every client as unique, we understand their brand, goals, challenges, market and budget and develop a custom inbound strategy as opposed to painting every client with the same brush like so many other agencies.

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