Audit of 10 website pages




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About This Gig

We'll look at 10 pages on your website, analyze the traffic and conversion. We will then come up with actionable recommendations to improve your website's performance. 

Checklist Of Deliverables

  • A document that outlines our findings and our recommendations for 10 of the selected pages on your website


  • Implementation of recommendations

Information needed from you to do this job

  • Which 10 pages do you want us to analyze
  • We'll need an overview of your personas
  • What success looks like for you
  • Access to your HubSpot account
  • Preferably access to Google Analytics 
  • Access to HotJar, LuckyOrange or any other analytics tools your website uses


Three things that make us different from others:
1. We think for ourselves, and do things differently. We don’t just follow the HubSpot methodologies blindly.
2. Through our international offices and agency partners, we can provide a truly global solution, but with local expertise and points of contact.
3. We’re large, we’re not a small boutique team where the real talent are the founders, and there is no contingency if something happens to them.

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Delivery Time

1-2 Weeks


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July 28th 2019

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