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About This Gig

Start generating leads relating to your products and services immediately with 5 ad groups (could be product categories) with two ads in each group.

Checklist Of Deliverables

  • Install HubSpot Website Tracking (if not there already)
  • Ad Copy
  • Create a Remarketing Audience
  • Keyword Research
  • Negative Keyword Research
  • Ad and Ad Extension Creation


  • Copywriting and creation of landing pages, these ads will either go to your website or ready-made landing pages
  • Weekly / Monthly / Quarterly optimization of ads, this just covers the initial setup.
  • Reporting on the performance of ads
  • Media Spend - please let us know how much you want to spend a day with Google

Information needed from you to do this job

  • An overview of the company and products, and in particular the value proposition and differentiators from competitors
  • Things you think people search for when looking for your products or services
  • A Google AdWords account linked to your credit card


Three things that make us different from others:
1. We think for ourselves, and do things differently. We don’t just follow the HubSpot methodologies blindly.
2. Through our international offices and agency partners, we can provide a truly global solution, but with local expertise and points of contact.
3. We’re large, we’re not a small boutique team where the real talent are the founders, and there is no contingency if something happens to them

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