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About This Gig

Our inbound-training copywriters will write a 1,250 to 1,750 word eBook or white paper including copy for the landing and thank you page, and 4 lead nurture emails. 

Checklist Of Deliverables

  • A Google Doc approximately 1,500 words long
  • Copy for 4 lead nurturing emails for after someone has downloaded the eBook
  • Copy for the landing page and thank you page


  • Design of the eBook, it will be sent in Google Doc format
  • Setup of the emails, landing pages and thank you pages in HubSpot
  • Content strategy 
  • Interviews and extensive research 

Information needed from you to do this job

  • An overview of the client and their style and tone guidelines
  • The objective of the eBook and what stage of buying it is targeting
  • An overview of the persona it is targeting
  • A bulleted list outlining the chapters in the eBook and the content required in each of the chapters


Three things that make us different from others:
1. We think for ourselves, and do things differently. We don’t just follow the HubSpot methodologies blindly.
2. Through our international offices and agency partners, we can provide a truly global solution, but with local expertise and points of contact.
3. We’re large, we’re not a small boutique team where the real talent are the founders, and there is no contingency if something happens to them.

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