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About This Gig

Once your agency has generated an awesome lead for the sales team, that's where we can pick this up to help turn that lead into a customer.

We'll consult with the client and build out the appropriate fields for the Contact, Company and Deal records. We'll set up the Deal Stages and automation. We will set up playbooks and advise on sales tactics and provide the training so the sales team can efficiency advance and close the sale.

Checklist Of Deliverables

1. Consultation and Recommendations
2. Sales Training - Coaching
3. Modify - Add up to 50 fields
4. Modify - Set Up Sales Pipeline(s) with Automation
5. Sales Training
6. Build Sales Playbooks
7. Sales Personas (may be different vs. marketing personas especially in enterprise sales)


Data migration

Information needed from you to do this job

1. License Levels
2. Access to view the current configuration
3. Interview with client contact over sales
4. List of sales goals and objectives
5. List of sales KPI's and Desired Reports


We resonate with sales people, sales managers/directors/VP's and speak from experience - plus we understand how to build out the CRM components for your industry.

Terms & Conditions

Flexible - we can charge hourly or by the project

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Once Off

Delivery Time

3-12 Months

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Planning & Strategy

Sales Deals & Pipelines

Sales Tasks

Sales Documents

Sales Meetings

Sales Playbooks

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September 12th 2019



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