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We build a CRM extension so that you can view or engage with a 3rd party system from within a contact, company or deal record. For example, embed a button to pop up another tool and send it information from the HubSpot record. Or display status of related to this contact, company or deal from another system, such as a ERP or invoicing system.

Checklist Of Deliverables

  • A CRM extension developed in the PHP Symfony Fremework.

Information needed from you to do this job

  • If we need to engage with a 3rd party system, this system should allow Web Hooks or have a REST API.
  • We need to understand what you are wanting to achieve through the CRM extension.


We've got a highly experienced team of backend developers (led by our CTO with over 15 years CRM integration knowledge) that deeply understand the HubSpot API, as well as the sales and marketing space. They have integrated HubSpot with large enterprise systems, as well as small custom written applications. We're a Diamond agency based in Cape Town, with English as a first language and in a central timezone.

Terms & Conditions

  • Should the scope of work be more than this service bundle accommodates we will let you know before we start the job and provide an updated costing.

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2-5 Weeks


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