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I’ll keep your database clean & healthy, and your portal nice & tidy. Consider this your Hubspot spring clean.
To keep your contacts database in shape, I will remove any hard bounces and inactive leads every month from your portal. So you can report on higher conversion rates. To make sure your Hubspot portal is organised. I will review your lists, delete any that are unnecessary or create new ones as requested. Creating folders to keep things organised and make it easier for you and your team to find what you need. For consistency, I will ensure that your naming conventions are always adhered to. I will check for duplicate contact properties, create property groups to keep everything neat or remove any that are being unused, adding description fields to assets where necessary.


Having worked for Hubpsot for almost 4 years as the Principal Inbound Marketing Consultant for EMEA I have extensive knowledge of both the marketing & sales tools. Over the years, I have helped hundreds of customers to translate their business priorities and goals into clear processes and implement efficient technological solutions for them. I look forward to helping you be more organised and to get the most out of the tools in order to grow your business effectively.

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