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About This Gig

You have never hosted a webinar or simply don’t have the manpower to carry out all the work? With HOPPE7 you will get valuable insights and an experienced partner to support you throughout the project.

Host a GoToWebinar with us and provide your sales team with good reason and valuable information to identify and contact potential customers.

- We assist you in your content creation offering suggestions. This applies to emails, landing page texts, presentation
- Monitoring and reporting for all registered leads
- Automatic sending of a reminder email, the data for access and the recording
- Provision of all required structures in your HubSpot software (landing page, call-to-action, CRM integration)
- Development of relevant surveys (information for sales)
- Test webinar to secure connection, operation, and conduction
- complete post-processing: preparation of the recording, evaluation of all polls, transfer of the information to sales, sending an email of the recording

HOPPE7 keeps track of all steps and – of course – all registrations.

You are in charge of the content, presentation, and speaker of the webinar. Yet, HOPPE7 can provide advice and preview your materials to identify optimization potential.

HOPPE7 will conduct a trial webinar or an introduction to the webinar software with your speaker to make sure they are well prepared. We will gladly help you identify relevant surveys and include them into your process. During the webinar, we will be at your side and ensure a smooth technical process.

After the successful completion of your webinar, we will continue to carry out all the necessary processing steps. We prepare the recording of your webinar and implement it on a landing page so that you continue to generate relevant leads.

In addition, we prepare your email template and take care of sending emails to participants as well as registered contacts who were unable to attend your presentation live.

Finally, we will provide you with the reports of your webinar, the evaluated surveys as well as processed lists for your sales team. Thus your sales reps have helpful information to support the generated prospective customers on their way towards a purchase.

Checklist Of Deliverables

We will connect your GoToWebinar account to HubSpot and set up the necessary HubSpot infrastructure for the webinar:

- Campaign (using a uniform nomenclature),
- linking of associated assets,
- Call-to-Action,
- Landing Page,
- Thank-You-Page,
- email template and
- automated workflow.



- We are one of the first HubSpot certified partner agencies in Germany (since 2013)
- Current status: Platinum Partner
- We work together with internationally represented customers
- We communicate in German and English
- We are a team of 8 experienced HubSpot experts who will approach every task by first getting a good understanding of your business and it's objectives for the use of HubSpot.

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