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I'd like to start with a 30-60 minute phone call with the relevant stakeholders to scope your needs and the needs of this project. My goal will be to understand your use case, how you've used workflows in the past, what's gone well, what issues might be in place and your objectives. Then, with this information, I'll create workflows in your portal, provide use cases to demonstrate the efficacy of said workflows and then arrange another call to confirm that your needs are met, or what alterations might need to be made.

This bundle includes the introductory call, the labor to complete the workflow(s) and a follow-up call to confirm your goals have been met.

The turnaround time for this bundle depends upon the scope of your needs/goals and I'll provide an estimated timeline at the conclusion of the first phone call.


I am a former HubSpot employee where I was one of the Customer Support department's top performers. Across nearly two years, I handled approximately 10,000 customer inquiries. I've seen a great variety of customer use cases and I have a deep understanding on the scope and use cases of the workflow tool. I'm eager to lend my deep expertise to your organization's objectives.

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