August Promo – Chatflow / Bot on a page for a persona – [Save $600]
To get started, let us know on your website, which page and which persona are you wanting to engage with and what is the goal. We'll then set up a Chatflow including the copywriting and configuration for this and get it live on your website! Normal cost is $1,500 but in August we're running a promotion for $900
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Service Provider
Bot Strategy and Narrative, Bot Setup
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Three things that make us different from others: 1. We think for ourselves, and do things differently. We don’t just follow the HubSpot methodologies blindly. 2. Through our international offices and agency partners, we can provide a truly global solution, but with local expertise and points of contact. 3. We’re large, we’re not a small boutique team where the real talent are the founders, and there is no contingency if something happens to them.
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01 August 2019
Team Members
Daryn, Graeme, Shane
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