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**Why do you need this service bundle** 1. When I want someone to download a LeadMagnet from my site 2. I want to capture their email address 3. So I can get them in a funnel and contextually nurture them based on that content Offer. **What is a HubSnacks Game Plan?** A HubSnacks Recipe consists of various ingredients (HubSpot tasks and templates) aimed at unlocking the most value from your HubSpot portal. **What is included in this service bundle?** 1. HubSpot Campaign 2. Website Call-to-Action 3. Pop-up Form 4. Content Offer Chatbot 5. Landing Page 6. Progressive Profiling Form 7. Thank You Page 8. Smart List 9. Nurturing Email Template 10. Lead Nurturing Emails 11. Lead Nurturing Workflow **What does this service bundle look like?** To help you visualize how the ingredients combine to form this service bundle here: **How Long Does This Service Bundle Take** This service bundle normally takes between 3 to 6 weeks to complete.
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HubSnacks is a Platinum Tier Certified HubSpot Partner. HubSnacks enables you to unleash the full power of HubSpot immediately using Tactical HubSpot Implementation expertly delivered by our team of fully certified HubSpot specialists. Suitable for any HubSpot users or agency globally. Bridge your skills-gap and get results faster while we unlock the full power of HubSpot! Get the most from your investment in HubSpot. Accelerate your Inbound Marketing using our HubSpot specialists, and grow your business or agency faster. **Recent Review on HubSpot Agency Directory** Quick, Very Knowledgeable, & Efficient Team This team is so good I almost hate to give them high praise so that I can keep them all to myself. I have sent them some really custom layouts that I was looking for on my Hubspot site and they delivered every time. It doesn't matter if it was a site rebuild or a simple image change. They were always professional, helpful, and most importantly fast. Other webmasters/design teams I've hired would take days to make simple changes, and when I sent larger site wide changes they would quote me weeks. I NEVER had that with Hubsnacks. I highly recommend Hubsnacks for all your Hubspot needs. Chaunna Brooke, BrightEagleProject October 11, 2018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CV Magazine - 2018 Corporate Excellence Award - Most Reputable for Inbound Marketing Support Solutions CorporateLiveWire - 2019 Innovation & Excellence Awards - Excellence in HubSpot Services ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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