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Oooh I love a good workflow! Firstly, we will start with a video-conference where you can brief me on the workflow objectives: the current challenge, the desired outcome, and details of your Hubspot feature set, the teams, processes, Hubspot properties etc. I will articulate this as a requirements document, and we can confirm we agree on the scope. Then I will investigate your Hubspot set-up in a bit more detail (I will need logins), and map on paper what I think the workflow should do. I will present back to you via another video-conference call and explain my proposed approach. I will also present a test plan, so we agree on how to confirm our workflow is doing what it should. Once you give the go ahead, I will configure the workflow/s in Hubspot along with any required custom properties. I will run a few tests – as per our test plan, and we can review those together in the UI. Then we release your workflows into the wild, and I will monitor them to see they behave as expected. And finally I will package everything up into a few slides with supporting diagrams so that you can present back to your team and update your training library. I don’t price per workflow - I price per brief, on the assumption that you will provide a thorough brief and can brief me in less than an hour. Expect to have a wild workflow within 4 days. Your documentation will follow right after, and monitoring will continue for 2 weeks.
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Josie Hill
Workflow Setup, Workflow Strategy
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Why choose me? Well, I have a LOT of experience with Hubspot workflows. With my latest client I have implemented more than 140 Hubspot workflows (company, contact, deal, and ticket workflows). I have excellent analytical skills and love transforming the complex and opaque into something structured and precise. My passion is optimizing human processes using technology. I have 19 years’ experience of MarTech: consulting, implementations and migrations. My training background means I approach every project with a view of change management. I document everything. And most of all, I am a passionate fan of Hubspot.
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19 August 2019
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