HubSpot CMS Support (5 Hours Per Month)
Do you find yourself struggling for hours with small tasks on the HubSpot CMS? Perhaps you know how to get it done but there's just not enough hours in the day. I'll complete your To Do list. This could be adding new pages to your navigation, swapping in a new template or adding the content to a new page. Think of me as an extra set of hands on your team. Send me a “To Do” list and I’ll get back to you with an estimate of the time it will take. Some examples of work I’ve helped with in the past include: - Resolving spacing issues on an existing email template - Setting up and customising a HubSpot Marketplace template - Weekly screenshare calls working through a variety of page and settings questions - Setting up a lead conversion path from existing templates (Call-to-Action > Landing Page with Form > Thank You Page)
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Stephanie O'Gay Garcia
CMS Development, Landing Page Template Development, Landing Page Setup, Email Development
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I used to work at HubSpot as their first Technical Consultant outside of the US, where I helped in areas like technical implementation, integrations and the CMS. Now I work as a freelance HubSpot CMS Designer/Developer based in Toronto (Canada). Not only do I know how to code (I've been at it for about ten years), I also know the inbound marketing methodology well and can design user-friendly, attractive templates that follow inbound best practices.
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16 June 2019
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Stephanie O'Gay Garcia
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